Jul 25

07-09-2011: European Congress on E-Inclusion: Transforming Access to Digital Europe in Public Libraries

The second day of theEuropean Congress on e-Inclusion: "Transforming Access to Digital Europe in Public Libraries" (ECEI11) is taking place on Wednesday 7 September 2011, hosted by the Committee of the Regions situated in Brussels.

ECEI11 builds on ECEI10: “Delivering a Digital Europe in Public Libraries”, the Belgian Presidency conference which took place in September 2010. This European Congress on e-Inclusion is a must-attend conference for anyone involved with the future of public service delivery linked to e-Inclusion, Digital Government, Skills and Access to Digital Europe.
ECEI11 is an invitation only event for 200 targeted stakeholders; covering Public, NGO, Academic and Private sectors, with delegates from public policy, technology procurement, library services, delivery partners and technologists from across Europe and internationally.

For more information on ECEI11, please visit the conference website.

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