Mar 25

Raffaella Coletti and Filippo Celata from University of Rome "La Sapienza" have published an article "Cross-Border Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean and Beyond: Between Policy Transfers and Regional Adaptations"

This article  in the the "International Journal of Euro-mediterranean Studies"   is based on the findings of the work done in EUBORDERREGIONS WP2.

Abstract of the article

Since 2007, the Euro-Mediterranean area has been included among the mesoregions covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Such a choice has not been exempted from criticisms, insofar as the geographical coverage of the “European Neighbourhood” has been judged too wide and too diverse to be the object of a single policy. The aims and scope of the European Union’s strategies towards Mediterranean countries, moreover, are different from those towards the Eastern European Countries, while policy instruments, implementation procedures and political narratives are more or the less the same. The paper addresses the case of one of those policy instruments: Cross-Border Cooperation, an important component of the ENP; it presents a comparative analysis of Cross-Border Cooperation initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean area vis-à-vis similar initiatives launched in other ENP’s mesoregions. The implementation of the policy, it is argued, is based indeed upon a mixture of policy transfers and local adaptations, and produces both homogenizations and differentiations. The aim of the paper is to see how a single policy instrument (Cross-Border Cooperation within the ENP) is adapted to the specificities of each mesoregion, what kind of regionalization and bordering/cross-bordering processes it produces, and what role the Euro-Mediterranean area is supposed to play in this frame.

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