Jul 23

Delegation of Russian Hanseatic cities cultural managers (from Pskov, Novogorod, Kingisepp) visited Tartu Hanseatic days and 48th Europeade festival on 20-23 July.

The visit takes place within the project "Hanseatic cities: Revived Historical Links for Modern Culture Management", which aim is to establish a practical cooperation platform between Russian and European Hasneatic cities. Project is implemented by Pskov NGO Chudskoi Project, Peipsi CTC, Pskov and Rostock cities.

Tartu and Pskov are cities with centuries-old history, rich cultural heritage and traditions. Throughout the centuries both cities have been trade partners, and where goods were transported through River Emajõgi-Lake Peipsi-River Velikaya. Unfortunately last 20 years any kind of water transport between Tartu and Pskov is stopped. The last few years have demonstrated the attempts of both sides to develop mutual cooperation in order to implement joint projects in the fields of economy, trade, culture, education, youth exchange, etc.

During this project Tartu Hanseatic days organisers give practical tips on organizing this event; Estonian experts also contribute in working out Pskov Hansa city logo, Hanseatic brand book, Hansa “road map”, which should all help Pskov city to organize the all-Russian Hanseatic days in the year 2014.


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 Margit Säre

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation

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