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international EUBORDERREGIONS Conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia; 27 – 28 November 2014

The conference is titled "BORDERS, REGIONS, NEIGHBORHOODS:
Interactions and experiences at EU external frontiers" 
and is jointly organised by the EUBORDERREGIONS consortium, the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) at the University of Tartu.

 Academic conveners of this conference are James Scott, Professor at the University of Eastern Finland  and Andrey Makarychev, visiting professor at the University of Tartu .

This conference aims to provide an open forum for presentation, exchange and discussion of original research focusing on the plethora of issues and topics that relate to the external borders of the European Union. We hope to attract papers that focus on diverse geographical areas, and approach the question of borders, regions, and cross-border interactions from a wide variety of different theoretical, methodological and analytical backgrounds. We welcome papers that address problems and prospects related to EU external borders from legal, political, economic, sociological, cultural, and historical perspectives. The event is the final conference of the EUBORDERREGIONS project and the main deliverables and achievements of this four-year research effort will be presented during the conference. However, we also seek to engage a wider community of geographers, political scientists, sociologists and scholars from other disciplines in a multi-disciplinary debate on the changing nature of contemporary borders.

Schedule of the conference:

The conference will begin with a keynote speech on the morning of November 27, followed by a full day of panels, and a reception in the evening. There will be several panels on the morning of November 28. The conference will conclude with a common lunch (hosted by the organizers) on November 28. On the afternoon of November 28, there will be an optional field trip to the culturally distinct Seto region in the South-East corner of Estonia, close to the border with Russia and Latvia (for more information, see here). CEURUS will host a reception on the first day of the conference and a lunch for all participants on the second day.

Conference venue: Lossi 36, Faculty of the Social Sciences and Education, University of Tartu. The Faculty of Social Sciences is a large yellow building atop the Dome Hill (Toomemägi) in Tartu’s city centre. An easy way to find it: from the Town Hall Square, follow the cobble-stoned Lossi street up the hill. Evening reception will take place in University of Tartu Art Museum, Ülikooli 18.

See the conference website:

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