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New EUBORDERREGION project report: “Regional dimension of change. The multi-level geopolitics of the EU’s relations with neighbouring countries”

This WP2 report  offers a critical review of the European Union’s policies towards non-EU neighbouring countries, and perspectives for cross-border cooperation across the EU’s external frontiers, analysing past achievements and some possible future scenarios.

The authors come to define the European Neighboorhood Policy as a container of several regionalization processes, different geo-strategies or multiple neighbourhood Policies, at various scales.

The first chapter presents an executive summary of the main issues which are addressed more in details in the following chapters. Chapter 2 presents a critical analysis of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the EU’s meso-regional strategies.  Chapter 3 is focused on ENPI Cross Border Cooperation programmes. The chapter includes a reflection on the role and meaning of the cross border cooperation component within ENP, and an overview of the ENPI CBC programmes, in order to identify differences and similarities among diverse initiatives at the meso-regional scale. 

Chapter 4 analyse the EU response to the Arab spring and the implications for the policy framework with the EU neighbourhood countries, by concentrating in the renewed ENP approach put forward by the EC in the aftermath of the upheavals in the Mediterranean area against the worsening of the situation in this area. Chapter 5 is focused on updated information on the new macro-regional strategies of the European Union, as a possible new tool for managing the relations between EU member countries and the neighbouring countries. 

Chapter 6 offers a general reflection of European internal and foreign policy in the last years in light of the global economic and financial crisis, analysing some possible future scenarios for the relations of the EU with neighbouring countries. Chapter 7 is dedicated to the analysis of the relations between three main global players (Russia, China and USA) and the countries included in the ENP. 

Finally, a cartographic annex is presented (Chapter 8), including thematic maps which are intended to provide a synthetic representations of the main geopolitical and geoeconomic issues which are relevant for the relations between EU bordering states and their immediate neighbours, and of cross-border relations between EU and non-EU neighbouring countries. 

The authors of the report are: Andriy Bryn, Filippo Celata, Raffaella Coletti and Enrica Polizzi  from University of Rome La Sapienza; Andrea Stocchiero and Battistina Cugusi from CeSPI (Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale).

An executive summary of the report can be downloaded here.

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