Signing up for an Online Casino? These are the things you should consider when signing up

Currently, the online gambling scene is a very exciting industry, there are endless choices of online casinos to choose from and most offer high quality and secure gambling features.

Online gambling is becoming very popular, and the market is currently booming. More people than ever are signing up to these online gaming platforms because they offer unique membership perks such as promotions, bonuses, tips, welcome packages and more. The physical betting shops will never offer these exclusive perks to their members. If you would like to move from physical gambling shops to online betting platforms, we have some options here that will spark your interest.

Within this article, we look at the main factors you should consider when registering for an online casino site. (mer…)

Will Roaming Charges Have an Impact on Online Casinos?

With the arrival of Brexit, there had been a lot of uncertainty around how changes would impact players across the UK and Europe heading forward but one of the promised things that wouldn’t change already has as earlier this year some UK telecoms operators announced the return of roaming charges with EE being the first. Many sites have become popular across the continent particularly for those traveling as those sites have become a primary playing option – but will the reintroduction of roaming charges harm the players looking to continue enjoying these games when abroad, or will things go unchanged for the most part?

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Data caps still remain high enough – It’s important to note that roaming charges only come into play after reaching a certain cap, and whilst this is subjective to the operators in question it seems the cap, they have put in place currently is reasonable with the current common being at least over 10GB of data. Currently this does only impact individuals travelling from Europe to the UK or from the UK to Europe, and if you are breaching the caps then perhaps it’s time to spend a little more time on holiday and a little less on your phone! (mer…)

What is gamification?

Gamification is a way for a brand to build loyalty, and to bring something unique to the table. In casino gaming it is about creating an experience around the casino games themselves. This is done by borrowing elements from role playing games, which means that you get rewarded for completing tasks, akin to what is done in classic RPGs like Final Fantasy etc. The aim is to give players a reason to stay, because when it all boils down to it, the slots and blackjack tables are no different from one casino to the other.

Examples of gamification

Despite tournaments being something associated with skill, that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. They can be arranged so the luckiest players win, even regardless of bet sizes, so that even those without the most money stand a fair chance. But the connotation that tournaments are a competition, and thus likely of skill, will stay in a lot of people’s minds, despite not really having an influence on what happens. (mer…)