Lead partner - University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland is a public university. The University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio have merged on 1 January 2010 to constitute the University of Eastern Finland. The university has extensive international relations and it is involved in several international networks. The university’s teaching and research staff and students are active in participating in various mobility programmes. The university has concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation with approximately 70 universities abroad. Moreover, the university is involved in several international networks and discipline-specific projects.

 With its extensive networks, this multidisciplinary and international university constitutes a significant competence cluster, which promotes the well-being and positive development of eastern Finland. The University of Eastern Finland seeks to be among the top three most significant universities in Finland and among the leading 200 universities in the world.

Contact:  Prof. James Scott,  james.scott@uef.fi
Phone: +358 13 251 2461
Fax: + 358 13 251 2472
  P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu FINLAND

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Dr. James Scott
Project manager
Ph: (+358) 50366 0653
Project information
Project duration: 01.03.2011-28.02.2015
Lead partner: University of Eastern Finland
Total budget: 3 386 700 €
EU contribution: 2 644 090 €