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I  Seminar "Methodology and tools for sociologic analysis  of transborder cooperation",  on 24-25 January, in Uzhgorod, Ukraine 

1. "The results of the border project"Krisztina La-Torre, TARKI

2. Mapping Cross-border Networks. Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine; Márton, GERŐ – István, MICSINAI, TARKI

II EUBORDERREGIONS Conference Budapest, 12 May 2012
1.Relating European Cohesion to the “Neighbourhood” ; James W. Scott; Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland

2. Accessibility studies in border research; Szalkai Gábor, Eötvös Loránd University Department of Regional Science

3. Strength of ethnic identity along the HUNGARIAN-SLOVAKIAN-UKRAINIAN borders; Antal Örkény and Mária Székelyi; ELTE – TÁMOP Research

4.Mapping Cross-border Networks, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine; Márton, GERŐ and István, MICSINAI

5. Macro-regions experimental governance mechanism for sustaining CBC and cohesion policies; Andrea Stocchiero, CeSPI

6. „Exploring Borders, Cross-Borders Co-operation and European Cohesion. The Transnistrian Conflict – the Prospects of its Resolution. A view from Kishinev"; Alexandru BURIAN ; Moldavian Association of International Law 

7.Post-Soviet conflicts; Hans-Georg Heinrich, Vienna University; ICEUR-Vienna

8. Expert Interviews; Natalia Waechter, Institute for Advanced Studies


Endre Sik; Trust, Network Capital, and Informality – Cross-Border Entrepreneurship in the First Two Decades of Post-Communism", in Review of Sociology 2012/4. 

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