Will Roaming Charges Have an Impact on Online Casinos?

With the arrival of Brexit, there had been a lot of uncertainty around how changes would impact players across the UK and Europe heading forward but one of the promised things that wouldn’t change already has as earlier this year some UK telecoms operators announced the return of roaming charges with EE being the first. Many sites have become popular across the continent particularly for those traveling as those sites have become a primary playing option – but will the reintroduction of roaming charges harm the players looking to continue enjoying these games when abroad, or will things go unchanged for the most part?

(Image from which.co.uk)

Data caps still remain high enough – It’s important to note that roaming charges only come into play after reaching a certain cap, and whilst this is subjective to the operators in question it seems the cap, they have put in place currently is reasonable with the current common being at least over 10GB of data. Currently this does only impact individuals travelling from Europe to the UK or from the UK to Europe, and if you are breaching the caps then perhaps it’s time to spend a little more time on holiday and a little less on your phone!

Roaming possibilities from those within Europe – Currently if you’re from any European country, you’ll still gain the benefit of no roaming charges whilst visiting any other country in Europe, but this may also be something set to change – the current regulation will expire towards the end of next year and there may be a chance that change is on the way, so it may be just as important to keep an eye on possible changes as you wouldn’t want to be caught out on some future trip that may be planned and find data costs piling up.

Bigger games will take a bigger cut – With the possible introduction of new gaming options like those in virtual reality as well as the growing popularity in options of live dealers and similar, whilst providing a fun and unique approach for online casinos it does mean that the data costs to play them are much higher too – you may be able to avoid roaming costs if you stick to the more basic titles but that doesn’t always bring the most excitement, but certainly worth keeping in mind if you are planning on playing whilst travelling.

This is just one of the many changes that are looking to be brought to online casinos in the near future and ensuring you’re ahead of these changes can certainly help with ensuring you’re getting the most out of whatever you’re playing and to make the most of the possible opportunities at hand.